Rise in the east



I rise before the sun and put together a big cup of pour over coffee. Every thing is silent, this is why I am awake. My lover lays sprawled across our bed, our dog next to him. Observing them even for just a moment reminds me of just how lucky i am, I have always been the girl with nothing, and now I am flooded with love, I am drowning happily in everything that I thought was not possible for me.

Since I was young I dreamed of the person I wanted to be, now I am here. I am the home that I always wanted and needed. Once you are shown love, it changes you. It  uproots your soul and pry’s open your eyes. With my eyes open I embrace my walls that have always kept me safe, I hug my body for always being there for me when all I wanted was to die, and I have come to appreciate my kindness and bitterness. I apologize to myself for all those years that I wasn’t good enough, I apologize for the abuse, and I forgive myself because love is forgiveness.

The sun has breached early morning sky, shattering the darkness with soft pinks, blues, oranges. I could never pick between a sun rise and a sun set, but there’s something about the early calmness that reminds a soul to relish every single moment.


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